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Healing Through Horses
For Veterans & First Responders


These lessons are formatted for our veterans and our first responders.  This will be a once a week for 16 weeks, un-mounted program.  These are private lessons given in a quiet, non-judgmental setting.  These lessons will have one instructor, one assistant and the client.  We go through our lesson and send the client home with an assignment to practice during the week.  One that pertains to everyday life.  A quick example: One of our lessons deals with grounding.  The assignment for the week is taking time to stop, ground yourself if you start getting stressed.  The next week we greet them and ask how the week went.  We ask if they were able to implement their assignment into their daily life.  Then start the next lesson.  Nothing is set in concrete.  Some lessons may go in a totally different direction than planned. 

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