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Kenny Young and Sherry Petersen had a vision: to share their horses and the their horses intuitive ways with individuals who might need some help dealing with challenges life can bring.  At the heart of everything that we do is our passion for education and our commitment to our students. Thanks to our varied course selection and unique teaching techniques, our center is striving to offer every type of help we can for our community.  We have a passion to help veterans, first responders, foster kids, at-risk youth, and others with special needs.  We want to share with our students our love for horses and show how much we can learn from them.


Dare to Dream Inc. is located in Austin, Colorado and reflects the sense of community and willingness to help others energy of the area. The skilled team members are here to help students achieve their goals. Are you ready to reach your potential? Call us today to learn more about Dare to Dream Inc.!

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Meet the Dare to Dream Team

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Sherry Petersen

Sherry was born in Montrose, Colorado in 1965 and has spent most of her life in Ouray County.  Her parents, Howard and Jeralyn Linscott, ran the Ouray Livery Barn in Ouray, Colorado.  She started participating in their trail rides at the age of 5.  By the time she was 11 years old, she was helping her parents catch, saddle and guide visitors on the rides.  When her parents retired, she purchased the Livery from them to continue her passion.  A downturn in the economy forced Sherry to give up the barn, but she was able to keep all of her horses.  She never gave up hope in restarting a business that would allow her to share her passion with others.
That persistence paid off when she moved to Austin, Colorado and had an opportunity to start another form of horse lessons.  Her attention turned to Healing with Horses.  Dreams can come true!  Dare to Dream! 

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D'Ann Dunham

A rider from the age of three, D’Ann trained her first horse when she was eleven. Growing up, she guided guests for her parents’ trail riding business, competed in gymkhanas, competitive trail riding and high school rodeo. Her favorite activity in the world was accompanying her dad when he handled cattle on horseback.
As an adult, D’Ann enjoyed team penning with her dad and sister. Occasionally, she attended a gymkhana. She loved playing cowboy polo, too. But, mostly, she put her time and energy into horse 4-H, which included a running a club, a gymkhana buckle series and small horse shows. She also coached Hippology (horse knowledge) with her sister. Together, they took multiple teams to state and national levels. 
Today, D’Ann still runs a 4-H club, and donates the use of one or two horses to a child who’d like to participate in the horse project. Although she no longer competes herself, she loves coaching young riders. Her favorite activity of all is trail riding on Grand Mesa with her friends and family.

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Katherine Collins

Kat's passion for horses shows whenever you see her interact with one.  She loves life and strives for balance with nature. Her riding skills are eloquent, due in large part to her connection with the horse. Kat teaches that same passion and connection in the lessons she leads or assists here at Dare to Dream. 

Kat is a licensed yoga instructor and massage therapist currently living in what she calls her dream place with her partner, 3 dogs, and cat. In her free time you can find her outside, horseback riding, hiking, and connecting with nature.

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